About Futon d’or

A little bit more about Futon d’or

It all started in the early 80s when futon mattresses became incredibly popular in America. We were amongst the first stores in Quebec and then the futon mattresses were simply made directly in the back room of the store on the Beaubien street in Montreal. In those days, the futons were very simple mattresses that was folded on itself and were put against the wall. As the futons gained in popularity, the first wooden frames were created to lift the mattress up from the floor and the futon as we know it today was born.

One of the pionneer in Canada, Futon d’or constantly pushed the product to be of better quality to this day.  We now offer a greater diversity of healthy mattresses using components such as high density foam, latex, wool and recycled polyester.

We’re proud to be a go-to specialized boutique on the beautiful St-Denis street and a reference across Quebec and Canada for manufacturing of futons, natural mattresses and Shikibutons.

We are a family business and always considered our employees and business partners as part of our extended family : Sharon, our seamstress, has been with us over 25 solid years. Her creativity and care about the client are still present has day one.  Arthur, our delivery guy, began his journey in the transport and moving industry with his small van more than thirty years ago. As they say, experience can’t be bought, it has to be acquired.

We always treated our clients with a respect and over the years, we’ve had great conversations and made very interesting encounters. We have great satisfaction every now and then to meet customers who return after many years; happy to enjoy personalized, no-pressure service. That’s what makes our job rewarding.