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Futon d’or : A locally-owned company at your service since 1981

We’re proud to be a go-to specialized boutique on the beautiful St-Denis street and a reference across Quebec and Canada for manufacturing of futons, natural mattresses and Shikibutons.

We have great satisfaction every now and then to meet customers who return after many years; happy to enjoy personalized, no-pressure service.

Over the years, we have kept the same philosophy : treat our customer with care and respect and offer the best products available.


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Your Personalized Futon Kit

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Solid Frames |  Quality Futons |  Over 360+ Covers 


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Beds and Mattresses Made in Quebec

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Sturdy Frames |  Natural Mattresses |  Natural Fiber Bedding


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Traditional Japanese Bed

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Selection of Shikibutons |  Authentic Tatamis |  Washable Covers


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