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Enhance your comfort and style with our collection of meditation cushions, expertly crafted to support your body during your practice. Made with premium materials, our Canadian-made zafu meditation cushion, and other halfmoon meditation cushions make for successful practices.

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What is a meditation cushion?
A meditation cushion is a specially designed cushion that provides support and comfort during meditation sessions. It helps maintain proper posture, ensuring that your spine is aligned and reducing strain on your joints. Common types include the zafu (a round cushion) and the zabuton (a rectangular mat).

Is a meditation cushion worth it?
Yes, a meditation cushion is worth it for several reasons:

  • Comfort: It reduces discomfort in the legs, hips, and back, allowing you to meditate for longer periods without pain.
  • Posture: It promotes proper alignment of the spine, which is crucial for effective meditation.
  • Focus: Comfort and proper posture can enhance your focus and meditation experience.
  • Durability: High-quality cushions are durable and can last for years, making them a good investment for regular meditators.

How to choose a meditation cushion?
Choosing the right meditation cushion depends on your body type, flexibility, and personal preferences. Here are some tips:


  • Zafu: Good for cross-legged positions and provides elevation for better hip alignment.
  • Zabuton: Offers cushioning for knees and ankles, often used with a zafu.
  • V-shaped cushions: Ideal for those who prefer a kneeling position.

If you have tight hips or less flexibility, choose a higher cushion (around 5-7 inches).
For more flexible individuals, a lower cushion (around 3-5 inches) might be sufficient.


  • Filling: Common fillings include buckwheat hulls (moldable and firm) and kapok (softer and lighter).
  • Cover: Look for a removable and washable cover made from durable fabric like cotton or linen.


  • Round cushions (zafu) are versatile for various sitting positions.
  • Crescent-shaped cushions provide support for the thighs and ease the strain on the knees.

How to sit on a meditation cushion?

  • Cross-legged position:

Sit on the edge of the cushion.
Cross your legs in front of you, with knees resting on the floor or a zabuton.
Adjust your position to ensure your hips are higher than your knees, allowing your spine to stay straight.

  • Kneeling position (Seiza):

Place a zafu between your legs and sit back on your heels.
Your shins should rest on the floor or a zabuton.
Ensure your spine remains upright and relaxed.

  • Chair-Sitting:

Place the cushion on the chair to elevate your hips slightly.
Sit with your feet flat on the floor, knees at a right angle.
Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed.

How to use a meditation cushion?

  • Positioning: Place the cushion on a flat surface. If using a zabuton, put it underneath the zafu for additional knee and ankle support.
  • Sitting: Sit towards the front edge of the cushion to tilt your pelvis slightly forward. This promotes natural curvature in your lower back.
  • Adjusting: Adjust the cushion and your posture until you find a comfortable position where your spine is aligned and you can maintain stillness.
  • Breathing: Focus on your breath, allowing your body to relax into the cushion’s support.

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