Zen Tatami Bed Frame

Give your bedroom a minimalist style with this space-saving and practical platform. The Zen tatami bed frame is made to Boreal Tatamis that will offer a surface for all mattress or Shikibuton sizes.

*** Boreal tatamis are sold separately from the platform***

  • 5-year Warranty
  • Bed Slats with Support Rail
  • Eco-friendly Stain
  • Frame made in Quebec
  • No Excess Packaging
  • Platform Bed

Estimated Production Time

3-5 weeks.

Futon and Bed Frames Made from Solid White Pine

  • Select grade solid white pine sourced from Canada. 
  • Select grade pine has the beautiful character of the essence but contains less knots than regular pine.

Eco-friendly Stains

  • Our non-toxic stains are entirely applied by hand.
  • Wood is natural and depending on the grain of the piece of wood, variations in the tones of the stain are normal. 

Zen Tatami Bed Frame Specifications

  • Entirely made of real solid wood.
  • Pine slats with midrail support and two bolted legs (except twin-size).
  • Made in Quebec.


The Zen Tatami Bed Frame is specifically made for Boreal Bed-size Tatamis which will be able to hold any standard size of mattress or Shikibuton.

Total bed frame dimensions :

HEIGHT : 7″ (18 cm)

1 tatami : 81″ Length (206 cm) X 40.5″ (103 cm) Width

2 tatamis : 81″ Length (206 cm) X 81″ (206 cm) Width

The Zen Tatami Bed Frame requires assembly, which is designed to be a straightforward and manageable process.

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The Zen Tatami Bed Frame requires assembly. Two persons are recommended to facilitate the process.

Assembly service is offered by the delivery company in the Greater Montreal area for an extra fee.

The Zen Tatami Bed Frame, designed specifically for Boreal Bed-size Tatamis, provides a perfect surface for any standard size of mattress or Shikibuton, blending traditional Japanese style with modern functionality.

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